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Bespoke Kitchen Alterations

We understand the importance of your kitchen and the need to make the most of the available area and with this in mind we offer a bespoke alteration service tailored to exact requirements. With a focus on cabinets and due to experience we have concluded it is cost effective to alter standard cabinets as opposed to starting from scratch.

We are happy to discuss all of the options with you in order to determine the best way forward and to help you achieve the perfect kitchen.
Our bespoke oak kitchen alterations fall into three price brackets and will depend on the level of work required:
  • Level 1: Easy: This includes reducing the size of the cabinet door and will cost £90.00.
  • Level 2: Medium: Involves reducing the width, depth and door size - £150.00.
  • Level 3: Hard: We will alter the door, drawers and entire cabinet, costing £220.00.