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Helpful Information

Kitchen Planner...

Use the grid and cut-outs to plan your kitchen using our Freestanding Furniture
  • Each large square = 1m (100cm)
  • Each small square = 20cm
  • The cabinet code numbers are written in their appropriate cut outs
  • If you need more of one size print more copies
  • If you want to make an order or get a quote, fill in the contact box at the bottom of the grid and send back to:
Tel 1677427800
Fax 01677427555
Hints and Tips
  1. Pull all doors and windows onto the plan
  2. Try and draw the whole room as this helps to get the kitchen into perspective.
  3. In freestanding kitchen design you may end up with some gaps. This is all part of the ‘freestanding look’ and canoften provide a space for a bin or stack of pans.
  4. You need less room to open a drawer than a door.
  5. Appliances can be fitted in to either side of 104 and 105 (the drawers are false on this item). If you want only one appliance, the other side can be fitted with shelves at a price of £90.
  6. A single appliance housing is item 109.
  7. The cabinets that take appliances are wide enough to take a freestanding appliance or the door can be attached to create an integrated look.