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Kitchen Painting Service

Sit back, relax and take a moment...

...To use your imagination, See what your new kitchen could look like with that make over you always wanted. Whether it´s a new look for your kitchen, a funky color scheme you have, We are pleased to offer a hassle free painting service for your new kitchen units.

We specialise in painting kitchen units, Simply select the kitchen of your choice from us, decide which color you fancy and we will do all the work.

What we do…

We pride ourselves on our attention to detail, hence all our cabinets go through an extensive finishing process before they are delivered to you.

All our cabinets are finished right here in our own work shop and who better to explain this process than Tony our expert finisher:


Firstly, how long have you been working as a finisher?

35 years.

Could you please explain the steps taken to finish our cabinets?

First off, the cabinets are denibbed. This is the process of removing any imperfections from the surface of the wood. They are then rubbed over with thinners and primed with a self-matched primer the same colour as the desired paint. The wood is then denibbed again before yet another layer of primer is added. Finally, the cabinets are hand painted with premium Farrow and Ball paint.

Could you explain a bit more about the final hand painting process?

Before painting, all the doors and drawers are removed. This is to ensure that no paint gets on hardware such as hinges and soft close runners. If requested, the sides and interior of the drawers are then masked off so only the fronts of the drawers are painted. When the carcass is painted, the interior is also masked off so the inside it is left with a premium oak finish.

Once the cabinets have been painted what happens?

All of the oak surfaces are unmasked. The doors are then carefully reattached and the drawers are re-inserted. The cabinets are then boxed, fully assembled and delivered to the customer.

Can the cabinets be repainted easily if a customer wishes to change the colour in the future?

Yes, very easily.

What steps do you recommend should be taken to care for the painted surfaces once in the home?

They should be cleaned simply with a damp cloth, and dried with a lint free cloth.

What can be done if a surface gets chipped?

A piece of children’s crayon should be used to fill the gap, then the area can be repainted. Alternatively, candle wax can be used.

What can be done if the surface suffers a fat spillage?

This can be solved easily with a mild solution of detergent and warm water.