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Free Standing Kitchens Developed In-house, Made ​​of Solid Oak

The kitchen is loved by many, and often provides the central point for most things going on throughout the home. Along with the preparation and the storage of food, the kitchen is a place where all things happen and adds a great deal of character to your home. No matter what you are doing in the kitchen, you want to feel at home, and you want to feel that sense of belonging.

At Oak Freestanding Kitchens we create a functional and attractive kitchen that is relaxing and convivial. Although we don´t specialise in fitted kitchens, our mix and match units allow you to configure your own kitchen, ready for delivery, and fully assembled. All our free standing kitchens are developed in-house, made ​​of solid oak and can be delivered directly to your home.

Whether you have the ideas in your head, or you need a helping hand, our team of designers are always on hand to give you advice relating to kitchens and the kitchen furnishings we offer. When you contact us, we can discuss different options with you and talk you through the process of creating your perfect kitchen.

Premium Quality Oak Kitchen Units

Oak is one of the more solid wood options and is used to manufacture a wide range of furnishings, flooring, and in our case, kitchen units.

Choosing a premium wood choice such as oak could be the best decision you make, as you fall in love with a surface that oozes class, and adds a high degree of sophistication to any room. 

Why is oak is used to build so many things? The answer is simple: oak is robust, can be shaped easily, provides good resistance to water (and a wide range of other fluids), can be painted or stained to suit an individual´s requirements, and above all, it will stand the test of time. Oak really is the best - a premium quality material which, when used to manufacture kitchens and the units within, comes up trumps every single time.

Buy Oak Kitchen Products Online Today

So this is where the fun begins… Now that you are here we´d like to talk a little more about the service in which we offer, and the products we provide.

What you see before you is a range of sophisticated kitchen products which you can carefully piece together to create a wonderful puzzle in the form of a decorative, oak kitchen.

The opportunity to create your own kitchen by fitting units together is a rare service which not many other companies can claim to offer. Here at Oak Free Standing Kitchens, we love seeing your ideas come to life, and we love to see people using their imaginations when choosing the items for their kitchen. By giving you the freedom to choose whatever you like, we know you will make the right decision when putting your kitchen together.

With so many different options available there´s really no reason we can think of as to why you would look anywhere else in the UK for kitchen products.

Let Your Kitchen Stand Free with Oak Free Standing Kitchens

As specialists in the trade, Oak Free Standing Kitchens have helped many customers achieve the kitchen of their dreams. We have, in a lot of cases, not only provided the furniture, but have also given customers advice on the best products to choose, according to the style or theme of their home.

With a team of expert designers at our helm, we are able to talk to you about your requirements and show you previous cases where people have used free standing kitchen furniture in their homes to create the desired effect.

Whether you have experience in the art of kitchen design, or you require a little bit of help from the professionals, we have the expertise and dedication to help you in any way we can.

Let your kitchen stand free with Oak Free Standing Kitchens. Call us today so we can discuss your requirements with you: 01677 427 800.